30 July 2013

Pink Speckles Pink

I have the last W7  Suede collection swatched for you girls today. It's Pink Suede!
This is a hot pink color with a suede effect. As the others in the line it has a silver undertone to it. Gorgeous shade.

I am going on a guild-meetup this week, and I'm really excited about it all. Some of them I have never met, and some I have met once or twice before. We all play World of Warcraft together, so it's going to be a lot of fun putting some faces to the voice we keep hearing on Ventrilo. I am working on scheduling some posts for you all, so you won't even notice I'm gone for the weekend. I'm just an hour away from home, so no flying this time. Luckily. It means I can bring all my makeup (I actually have a makeup trolley), and plan less on "what to wear".
I often wear no makeup, but when I'm out meeting new people I like to have my makeup done to feel comfortable. I'm usually the one getting ready in 15 -20 min in the morning, but when you are going clubbing getting ready is half the fun.

Back to the hot pink madness.


Then I added Maybelline - Polka Dots - Speckled Pink. It ruins the suede effect, but darn is it pretty. 

One coat of Speckled Pink.

Two coats of Speckled Pink.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.
I'm still looking for the rest of the Polka Dots collection; the light blue, and brown i have not seen, so if you have seen them online let me know.
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  1. Love the Polka Dots from Maybelline.

    1. they are awesome! I hope I can get more of them. I got 4 so far, but missing the last 3, can't find them

  2. love the first polish! where did you get it? :)

    1. I bought the W7 at my local Factory shop they are £2 ea, so bought the entire collection a while ago. Cheap but great brand we get here in UK. :)


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