6 July 2013

Sally Hansen - Diamonds and Rubies

Recently I bought Sally Hansen - Diamonds and Rubies at my local Factory Shop. It was only £1, a bargain. This is one of those incrdible "high shine" polishes.
To cover completely I used two coats, application was smooth. Thin brush, and the polish glided on. It didn't flare out as some brushes does.  
I'm going to do something I normally don't do. I'm going to show the pictures and then talk some more. 

As you can see from these swatches the polish is so shiny and reflective that you can see people in my nails. I took these pictures while I was on a shopping trip to town, and the sun came out for a little bit, and for these nails, I NEEDED proper sun pictures. When I got back home, the sun was gone again, so these where the bests ones I got.
It was so cool, I could see my own reflection in my nails. Epic.

I was wearing my 50's dress with this manicure, and got loads of compliments for the matching. Got stopped by people asking if I where going somewhere particulare. I was just on a shopping trip in town, and felt like wearing something pretty.
Nothing special at all. Sometimes that's the fun. Dressing up, just to be dressed up, and not for an occation.

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