15 July 2013

Jumbo Plate 1 - Viva Mexico

Let's take a quick look at the Jumbo plate 1 - Viva Mexico.  This is an abstract plate, with a lot of different designs to cover your needs for something hot, and Mexican.
You got five different skull designs for Day of The Dead, lot of different happy Mexicans dancing with sombreros.  As far as themed stamping plates goes, this is by far one of the best I have seen. While I was still missing some images on the Happy Holiday plate, this one (being more specific does that), covers it all.

If you are wondering what's on my nails?  China Glaze - For Audrey.

They are sold here:
$ 11 ea for the plates if you buy them separate and just want specific plates.
$ 44.99 for 5 plates if you buy them in predetermined set (S1 and S2). Makes $ 8.99 ea.
$ 84.99 for all 10 plates (U1). Makes $ 8.49 ea.

I bought all 10 of them as that gave me most for the money, and I kinda liked all the plates.

Cheeky Jumbo plate collection:
Jumbo plate 1 - Viva Mexico
Jumbo plate 2 - Tropical Holiday
Jumbo plate 3 - European Romance
Jumbo plate 4 - Top Of the Class
Jumbo plate 5 - Musical Nails
Jumbo plate 6 - Happy Holidays
Jumbo plate 7 - Home Sweet Home
Jumbo plate 8 - Princess Charming
Jumbo plate 9 - Wild At Heart
Jumbo plate 10 - Happy Nails
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