15 October 2013

Tag: You're it! Spooktacular

Hi everyone!

I got tagged by Mishka from Lacquer or Leave Her! Thank you so much for thinking of me when you got this tag. It was some very interesting questions. Really Spooktacular.

Here are the questions:

1) Do you still Trick or Treat?

It's not a tradition in Norway to Trick or Treat on Halloween. It happens that some kids do it now a-days, but not when I was a child.

2) Do you like going to haunted attractions?

I get scared easily, so I tend to shy away from haunted attractions, even mirror houses scares me. Silly isn't it?

3) Favorite Halloween treat you look forward to getting?

I have never had a candy corn, and intend to have one every year, but forgets all about it. What I do love however is being able to buy loads and loads of candy without having the cashier raise an eyebrow.

4) Favorite Halloween movie?

I had to twist my head for this one, and I came to lay my eyes on my shelf that stores movies, and it seems I have quite a few Halloween movies. Tim Burton is a huge favorite of mine, as classics like Frankenwienie (is that how it's spelled?), The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride (does that one count?) and Dracula, Let The Right One In, (any vampire movie, really), and Hocus Pocus.

5) Favorite scary movie?

I suppose both Hocus Pocus. Frankenwienie and Let The Right One In, would classify as "scary movies". Scarier than that I can not take.

6) Favorite costume you wore as a child?

I love dressing up, as a child I did not get to dress up a lot, but as I grew older, I have had, and attended to  several costume parties. I love the most to dress up in 50's dresses.

7) A costume you would like to dress up as if you could go back to your childhood?

I would love to be able to dress up as a mermaid when I was a child. You can get those H2O-tails in the US (never seen them available around here), and I know I would just love to be able to wear something like that as a child. 

8) Do you decorate your house for Halloween?

Yes I do. I have this 7 feet tall Jack The Skeleton (The Nightmare Before Christmas) teddy. Complete in his PJ's. I love it dearly, and every year he gets a special seat in the windows, looking out.
One year, I placed him in my ex car, holding the steering wheel , the neighbors kept taking pictures of him, and he even made a note in the local newspaper, sadly I only heard of this, and never actually got a copy of this.  It makes a good story non the less. I might add some carved pumpkins with candlelight now and then, but Jack is my main decoration.

9) Do you have a festive background on your phone or computer?

The only festivities I have a special background for it Christmas. I love Christmas so so much. 

10) What are your plans for this Halloween night?

I do not have any plans yet, I have heard talk of a party, but not seen any invitations yet. 

11) If you have a pet what would you like to dress it up as (if you don't have a pet, you can say your sister or brother)?

I do not have any pets, but my last landlord had a cat, his name was Chance. A cute little thing, white as snow, and deaf like a bat. I have always pictured my landlord dressed up as Blofeld from the James Bond movies. Chance is a bit skinny for the role, but I think one can look past that.

Picture borrowed from Codajoy
I got 3 brothers and 1 sister, so to answer the question correctly...
I would dress one of my brothers up as Edward Scissorhands. He got the same skinny body and rugged hair, I am sure he would to an excellent Edward Scissorhands.

12) What is your least favorite sweets you would never want to receive when you go trick or treating?

I love candies, but there are a few things i just can not stand.Orange Chocolate, and rum filled chocolates topping the list. I just can not stand the thing. It's a violation against all things chocolate.

13) Favorite Halloween decoration?

Candles, candles and more candles. I love candles. Pumpkins are cool as well. 

14) Favorite Halloween song?

Danny Elfmann makes amazing music, he was the one that did the music for Corpse Bride, and The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the list goes on. If Tim Burton did it, Danny Elfmann made the music. That relationship just speaks Halloween to me. Perfect combination.

15) Favorite Halloween makeup look? (insert picture if you can)

Usually I will dress up like something out of a Cartoon (once did Team Rocket from Pokemon), or I dress up as some kind of witch. Resulting in not so much makeup, but every year I look at youtube videos about halloween makeup.  This year I am loving the looks from Kandee Johnson. 

I am going to give a general tag to all you lovely girls out there, if you choose to do this tag, feel free to add your link below. I hope to see some of you pick this up and run it. 

Have an epic Halloween. 

The Secretary. 

Dina Ramse Training and Developement

Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.

7 October 2013

Innisfree - 83

In 10 hours I am out travelling again. I got a box with nail polishes packed, so that I get to do some swatches, and nail art. I am planning on experimenting more with acrylic paint and nail art.
It's getting colder outside and my nails and cuticles are suffering under the conditions.
With today's post I have added some girly hearts and white dots, using Sinful Color - Snow Me White.

This is one of four "Yoghurt" inspired nail polishes from the Innisfree line. Innisfree is a vegan polish, has a pleasant scent, nothing to overpowering. It comes in a milky base with glitters and have a lasting hold. Easy to use, the glitters glides on well. Only reason why I haven't used them since I bought them (almost a year ago), is because of the removal of glitters, it's just not worth it having to soak my nails in acetone and kill my already dry cuticles. So when I got my PVA glue and started using that as a base for glitters, well, needless say, I felt the urge of using these gorgeous polishes again.

Innisfree - 83.
Milky mint green base with blue and pink hex glitters.

Dina Ramse Training and Developement

Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.