25 October 2015

Ceramic Elaine

Fall is all over us and people everywhere is getting ready for Halloween. Having done all sorts of elaborate stamping designs lately I felt like toning it down a little.

As I am writing this I have been struck with a sudden loss of hearing and everything is rolled in cotton balls. First sign of the weather getting colder I suppose and a cold getting ready to strike me. Hopefully it will pass as soon as possible.

For this manicure I used A England - Elaine. Fully opaque in two coats, and used one coat of Layla - CE52 over. I really like how this looks, and I am sure it makes the perfect base for some elaborate stamping, but today I am going to enjoy it as is.

A England - Elaine with Layla - CE52
If you love flakies, this is truly a gorgeous polish and I just love how Layla - CE52 looks over Elaine. This is a very obvious pairing, since CE52 looks very purple in the bottle, and I am sure it will look just as gorgeous over other polishes. Which polish would you use? Leave me a comment down below and I will try it out for you.

A England - Elaine with Layla - CE52

For those of you thinking that this could possible be a dupe for Cult Nails - Seduction, I am sorry to disappoint while they both are in a purple base, and have gold shimmer in the flakies, he flakies in Layla - CE52 is leaning red and green, while the flakies in Cult Nails - Seduction is leaning blue. Layla - CE52 is also denser.
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23 October 2015

HPB Presents: Halloween a Zombie pond

Hobby Polish Bloggers presents: Halloween
My last Halloween manicure was such a success that I decided to do another one. I understand you want to see more of them, so I deliver to you, a Zombie pond. *cue scary music* So with the girls at Hobby Polish Blogger, I present to you: Halloween.

For this manicure I used Sally Hansen - 540 - Jell-ous? to help out on the decal making I started out with two coats on the Uber Chic stamping mat, and did one stamp and continued to build Sally Hansen - 540 - Jell-ous? between the stamps.
All in all I used 9 coats on the index finger with one to two arms for each layer of polish. Ring finger and middle finger had 5 coats and my little finger had the least amount of coats with only 4 coats (!!) I also applied some splatter using Makeup Mekka - Strawberry Daiquiri on the second layer before using the splatter.

HPB Presents: Halloween a Zombie Pond

For those of you that are curious I have attached below the image plate and marked the different sections used for this look.

Dina Ramse Training and Developement

Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.

19 October 2015

Confessionails: LoveThyPolish - Magic Forest

I have been wanting to do something like this for a while now, and I finally decided on doing it.
I bring you, Confessionails. Get it? Confessions, and nails mashed together. I will do a couple of these Confessionails and set up the hashtag on Pinterest and stuff to make it easier to find.

Firstly lets start with a new to me, polish. I got my hands on this lovely green shade, LoveThyPolish - Magic Forest. LoveThyPolish was an Australian brand, and is sadly no longer around. Sorry girls.
I got my hands on this polish when a girl here in the UK decided to sell all her nail polishes as she was not longer into the hobby. I thought it was sad to stash them away and not love them anymore so I took it in, along with a bunch of other polishes that I will show one by one.

 LoveThyPolish - Magic Forest
LoveThyPolish - Magic Forest

It really is a gorgeous polish, don't you think?

For this manicure I used Moyou London  - Scholar Collection - 01, Uber Chic - Zombie Love Ltd and BornPrettyStore - BPL - 021. for all the stamping I used Sinful Color - Snow Me White.
I really like how this all came together. See the confession?

Confessionails: He Wants Me For My Brains

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Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.

17 October 2015

Fun With Flag - A Blogger Collaboration

If you regularly hang out on the internet I am sure you have seen this post on 9gag, Facebook or even Pinterest lately. That within one flag, you can often find other flags.

That is what started this idea, and as I looked up from my screen in the office, I caught a glance of another rerun of Big Bang Theory on one of the large TVs we have here. This was one of the "Fun With Flag" episodes, where Dr.Sheldon Cooper talks about flag-history on the Youtube series he has.

...and the idea was created.

I reached out to a handful of bloggers asking if they wanted to join in on the fun. I was overwhelmed with the response, and so thrilled that they found the time to join in on this "Fun With Flag" collaboration.

That instead of doing flag manicures only for patriotic reasons, I wanted to do them united with other bloggers, as a sign of unity. We are all in this hobby together, and borders mean nothing.

I am from Norway, so there will be no surprise for many of you that I have chosen to write about the flag of my home country.

Prior to the 17th century Norway had a flag with a golden lion with crown and axe on a red background, but our union with Denmark would put an end to this flag. When Norway in 1814 became independent, the golden lion was brought back and put in the upper left corner (the canton) on the Danish flag.

Source: Wikipedia

But it was not going to last for long. Norway joined a union with Sweden and needed to change their flag. Out of respect to the Swedish union and the historical friendship with Denmark, the Parliament wanted the flag to represent this by having something blue, red and white in the flag.
After much back and forth for almost a 100 years the Norwegian flag as we know it today was accepted. 9th of June 1905 the Norwegian flag was raised.

Flag Manicures. Red, White and Blue

Please check out what the other girls are doing by clicking through here:

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12 October 2015

Midnight Poppy BM-S102

As I mentioned in my Bundlemonster - Shangri-la plate review, if you were to choose only a few plates from that collection, I would recommend the BM-S102 - Everlasting Sun plate as one of the plates to pick up, as it is very unique, and I have not seen other plates quite like that other places.
The other plate from the collection that I would recommend getting is BM-S109, but I will take a closer look at that in another post.

If you want to see the full review of the Shangri-La set, I have a Youtube video, that you can see by clicking here. 

For this manicure I used Barry M - Silk - Poppy, and I did the stamping with China Glaze - Midnight Kiss. I really like China Glaze - Midnight Kiss over, as I think the golden tones in the two play nicely together.

Barry M - Silk . Poppy, stamped using China Glaze - Midnight Kiss and Bundlemonster - Shangri-La - BM-S102 - Everlasting Sun.

Stamping test with Bundlemonster - Shangri-La - BM-S102 - Everlasting Sun.

I wanted to create the image of pointier nails than what I have, so in order to do that, I took some tape and lifted off the tribal section from the stamper head. This left the "sun" part to go on my nails.

It's a very subtle design, and I think it could look really cool with more contrasts as well as the way it looks in this mani.
I am very pleased with the final result, except my dry cuticles which still needs some more TLC now that the weather is getting increasingly colder every day. 

Dina Ramse Training and Developement

Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.

6 October 2015

Zombie Love A Pretty Serious Production

I have never been a fan of "all things scary", I am the person that hides behind the couch when the big orcs in Lord Of the Rings comes on... to my defends I was 13. My imagination is far too good, and I scary myself on a daily basis, don't need the help from scary movies.

I am a fragile little butterfly. You may call me a wuss now. It's okay. 

When I saw the Uber Chic Zombie Love stamping plate I knew I had to own it. I am not sure exactly why, as I don't really like Zombies...

During my  #51in15 (a challenge in which you try to play 51 games in 2015, that I completed in June), I came across a lot of boardgames with a Zombie Theme. This warmed me up to Zombies, so while I am still not okay with the movies (except Warm Bodies), I am starting to see the fascination.

I recently got my hands on some Pretty Serious nail polish. This is an indie brand that I have been wanting to grab for awhile now, and they got some pretty awesome stuff. Today I have Pretty Serious - Gruesome Groom for you. A mossy green with red hex glitters, and there was no need for fishing, and applied like no other. I used two coats. 

Sections used from Uber Chic - Zombire Love LTD stamping plate

I stamped using Maybelline - Bleached Neon - Citrus Collide, as I just got it from Poundland, and was on my desk. I am pretty happy with how well it stamped. 

Pretty Serious - Grusome Groom stamped with Uber Chic - Zombie Love LTD stamping plate

Pretty Serious - Grusome Groom stamped with Uber Chic - Zombie Love LTD stamping plate, posing with Zombie Dice a Steve Jackson Game

I had to pose with my favorite Zombie Game, Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson.

What do you think?
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Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.

1 October 2015

Misslyn - Smoothie - Kiwi Bomb

Today is the 1st of October, someone please wake that guy up, September is over!
That's a great song actually.

Over to something completely different. My nails. That are coated in a Kiwi Bomb that is refusing to show up true to colour on camera. Spaß! Not!

Misslyn - Smoothie - Kiwi Bomb

It is shown here with 2 coasts and as you can see on my ring finger there is still some visible nail line (VNL). The colour is actually a little bit more on the green side, I would not call it a kiwi green though.
This is a German brand, that I picked with me while on holiday, I did not see the rest of the Forbidden Fruit collection. There is also a berry and a pink in this collection, 87M - Sweet Blackberry and 87N - Yummy Cherry. For those of you wondering.

It was easy to apply, and it was very fun with the black glitters in the mix. I was hoping it to be more like the Accessorize - Dragonfly and the Speckled collection, but the green and the black micro glitters are so small that they blend in with each other.
I was a bit disappointed by this polish and had excepted more from it, but hey ho, can't be everyone's taste. I think this is one of the first times I have actually not liked a polish ones it got on my nails.

Dina Ramse Training and Developement

Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.