19 July 2013

Mint Manis For Talia Joy

I found the most minty polish I had in my stash, which is For Audrey by China Glaze. For this look I also added a matching ring that I made using CG - For Audrey and A England - Morgan La Fey, and some striping tape.

The beauty community lost one of it's most treasured members on Tuesday morning.
NailPolishWar on Facebook 
Words become poor when we are talking about loss of a human being, and Talia was such a huge inspiration for so many people. First time I heard about her was on Ellens Show, she was so full of life, and energetic. My grandmother call those kind of people for angels:

Angels shine on us with their light and bless us with their presence for a while, until they have to go back to heaven.

Thanks to NailPolishWar for coordinating all of this, what a great way of coming together and show our support and respect to her family.

"You can't change yesterday, you can't predict tomorrow. Live now and don't take it for granted!"
Talia Joy on Twitter

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