7 July 2013

Sally Hansen - Lavender Marquis

I wanted a subtle manicure today. Something soft and girly. I recently picked up Sally Hansen - Lavender Marquis at my local Factory Shop, and decided to use that.

I wanted to layer it over a white to really make it pop. W7 - White, was just not agreeing with me, There was flooding, there was tears. It just didn't want to go off my cuticles, and then there is the bubbles...  I'm terrible sorry for that.

I really like the Sally Hansen bottles, they have this little gem on them, and they just look so cheek, and sexy.
I would describe Lavender Marquis as a shimmery baby pink with a hint of purple, a girl at MakeupAlly also described it as dusty rose petal with purple hues and metallic light pink. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
I think it would rock over a black.
I forgot to take a picture of the first step, so just using a picture from another manicure.

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