17 February 2015

A little Barry M Haul

I wasn't suppose to buy nail polish that day, I was just having a bit of a peak. We all know how those trips end up, so here is my little haul. 

It is very unlike me to go for muted colours like these, but a UK blogger had done a handful of swatches of some Barry M's and I remember thinking I had to own Coconut and Vanilla. Since they where on 3 for 2, I also had to pick with my Vintage Violet and Cappuccino. So why stop there?
I also picked up Barry M - Crush, which is this super gorgeous Matte Wine Red shade, I wore it for Valentines, but never got a good picture of it. I think the last one is Nightshade, or Cosmo Berry, but looking at the picture, I can not tell. I just grabbed it for my 3 for 2, and I have already placed it among the others... but it must be Nightshade.

I might be moving again, so have decided to have them all gathered together, in case I suddenly have to pack everything. As soon as I get settled again, I will re-introduce my untried-basket.

Links to manicures using the products mentioned:
Barry M - Cappuccino
Barry M - Coconut
Barry M - Matte - Crush
Barry M - Nightshade
Barry M - Vanilla
Barry M - Vintage Violet

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