24 July 2013

Blog Haul

I have been shopping and today a huge parcel was dumped on my doorstep. Okay, maybe not that huge, just  7 polishes. Which is, if I may say it, quite a modest haul.
It took 2 days for the parcel to end up at my doorstep, I wasn't expecting it until end of this week, looks like Royal Mail is faster than I thought.

CG - No Plain Jane, CG - Want My Bawdy, CG - Unpredictable.

For manicures using:
China Glaze - No Plain Jane
China Glaze - Want My Bawdy
China Glaze - Unpredictable

China Glaze - Get Carried Away, China Glaze - Whirled Away.
For manicures using:
China Glaze - Get Carrier Away
China Glaze - Whirled Away
Barry M - Denim
For manicures using Barry M - Denim, follow this link.

OPI - Moonraker
For manicures using OPI - Moonraker, follow this link
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  1. Great haul, I'm sure you will have some fun with them!

    1. already tried Barry M - Denim for stamping, looking forward to try out the rest :)


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