5 July 2013

New Look - Nail Tattoos

I found this at New Look and though I should just do a quick post about it.
They claim to be nail tattoos, but they're not, they are stickers (just so you know). They are funny looking. Finally got some mustaches for my nails!! YaY.
Love those hipster glasses, so cool.

Without topcoat they wash off right away, as soon as you wash your hands. With topcoat, well, they last as well as stickers. They are nice and gelly-esk, easy to apply. Had no problems with lifting, but I only wore it for a day. Sadly, I was out and about, and didn't have my camera with me, and when I got home, I was too eager to redo my nails that I forgot all about pictures.

Anyhow, the word is out.

As for size of the stickers ... let's say it like this, they fill my littlefinger from side to side. so, i'm guessing close to 1 cm width (glasses and mustache images are the biggest ones, the kisses and the bows are smaller).

It got two types of red glasses, three types of black glasses, red bow with white polkadots, and black bow with white polkadots, a mustache, lashes, and kisses.
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