25 September 2013

Innisfree - 81

I never intended to take such a long break from blogging. I moved back to Norway, or I tried at least. Now, almost 2 months later I am still crashing at my friends couch. I had great plans about getting my own flat, and everything, and got majorly distracted by my health and all sorts of other things.

I feel as if I have let you down, by not keeping my blog updated.
That I am missing out on all the fun.

The next four posts will be slightly light coloured polishes. I wanted to start light even if its all outside and I am freezing here as I still with blankets around me and a cup of tea. Herbal tea, cause I managed to get influenza as well. Lucky me. Time to update this blog.

Again, sorry for totally going MIA on you all.

This is one of four "Yoghurt" inspired nail polishes from the Innisfree line. Innisfree is a vegan polish, has a pleasant scent, nothing to overpowering. It comes in a milky base with glitters and have a lasting hold. Easy to use, the glitters glides on well. Only reason why I haven't used them since I bought them (almost a year ago), is because of the removal of glitters, it's just not worth it having to soak my nails in acetone and kill my already dry cuticles. So when I got my PVA glue and started using that as a base for glitters, well, needless say, I felt the urge of using these gorgeous polishes as well.

First out is Innisfree - 81.
Milky pink base with hot pink micro-glitters and blue and pink hex glitters. 2 coats.

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  1. You are not letting anybody down! You have to take care of yourself first and foremost. Love you!


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