14 July 2013

Jumbo Plate 9 - Wild At Heart

This plate gives you a variation between animal prints, and animal images.

The cutest thing on this plate is the panda images, it got a close up -panda face, and a full image of a panda, they come as a full nail image as well as separates.
One thing I am very happy for, is that I get a bee-image here. On all my 100 and something plates I had no bee images. But now I do. *happy*

The little turtle we saw at Jumbo Plate 8 - Princess Charming get a full nail image on this plate, which is nice.

They are sold here:
$ 11 ea for the plates if you buy them separate and just want specific plates.
$ 44.99 for 5 plates if you buy them in predetermined set (S1 and S2). Makes $ 8.99 ea.
$ 84.99 for all 10 plates (U1). Makes $ 8.49 ea.

I bought all 10 of them as that gave me most for the money, and I kinda liked all the plates.

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