29 April 2014

Moyou-London - Fairy Tale Collection Plate 08

Front of the Fairy Tale Collection sleeve

The back side of  the Fairy Tale Collection sleeve 

Fairy Tale Collection 08 without the blue film over

I have for you today a video and pictures of the Fairy Tale Collection Plate 08 from Moyou-London. I am really loving this plate for all the different options on how to use it. It's that next step from standard stamping plates. Collage all the way.

Here is the first manicure I made using this plate.  Below you can see where I picked the images from, to get you started on ideas on how to use this plate. Link here to the full post about the mani.

The Lonely Prince

Where I picked my images for this manicure

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Have a great day.

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  1. I love their plates. This one looks amazing =^.^=

    1. It's Amazing! So many thing you can do with it, it's awesome.

  2. Such a sweet manicure! Love it. :)


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