8 July 2013

Suede Effects

I am a huge lover of blues, so when I noticed that my local Factory Shop had a blue Suede Effect nail polish from W7, I knew I had to have it. Specially so, since it was the last one they had.
Additionally I also picked up Night Suede, a black suede. 
These are my first Suede Effect nail polishes, and I have to say, I'm in love. I'm going back to get the rest. Not sure they got the entire collection, but I noticed they had the brown and the purple at least. So you might see those features here soon. 

I'm thinking swatches, and do maybe do some stamping on top? I haven't done stamping in a while, been so busy trying out all these new polishes I bought, and they have all been glitters. 
Stamping over glitters? Not there yet. 

I think this is the longest I will ever have my nails. They look very good with this length, but I feel like I am at my max, when it comes to how long I can have them, and not break them. 

I have been taking good care of them lately, applying pure Argan Oil every day, and keeping my hands moisturized. 

I started out with one (!) coat of W7 - Night Suede, and W7 - Aqua Suede. It's amazing, one coaters. And they look so gorgeous. I stamped using Bundlemonster plate BM-316, with W7 - White. then I added a pearl drop. 

Google was so kind to make me an Auto-Awesome for this post.
Auto-Awesome is a collection of 5 or more similar pictures being put together into a little caption movie. There is no saying which pictures he will use, but this one looked pretty neat.

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