21 July 2013

Easy glitter removal with PVA glue

I just tried making a glitter manicure using PVA glue as a base. I poured it into an empty nail polish bottle, for easy application. Mine didn't need to be watered down, it was a pretty good consistence. 
I made this little video showing you what it looked like when I removed my glitter manicure for the first time. I have never done this before, and this is the first time ever. And it surly will NOT be the last time I do this. Oh My Gosh, this is made of win.
I should have done this ages ago. 

Please excuse my chipped nail polish on my right hand, I was about to redo my manicure, and couldn't wait until tomorrow to see what it was like doing a glitter removal with the PVA glue, so I shot this video before I had redone my right hand.

This is sort of a preview of two manicures to be posted soon, I'm just charging my camera, and need to upload the pictures and stuff. You will see some Cheeky plate - Princess Charming action, that I can tell you.

What do you think about my little videos?
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  1. Wow, gotta try this! Picture Polish has a product called Revolution with the same premise, but I have heard mostly not so good reviews.


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