29 July 2013

Stars in the Sky

It's been incredible sunny in England lately. I already had a tan when I came back from Scotland ( who would have thought you could get a tan there?!), and its been building a stronger tan ever since then. I can't resist the urge of soaking up some sun, when its here. Besides, I think tanned legs looks more sexy anyway. 

Time to do some nail art, and test if the NYC Foil Explosions stamp well. 
As a base I used NYC - Power Of Elements. 1 coat.

I stamped using NYC - Enchanting Fire, and Cheeky plate CH52. 
What I really like about this stamp, is that it's not a cluster or separate stars, but rather a cluster of over-lapping stars, and they got space between each star. It does however mean that its more or less impossible to separate out a full star, so you have to use the whole image. Which suits me just fine. 

Enchanting Fire stamped perfectly, I had no problems with it, and it came on very clear and crisp. 

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