19 June 2015

Moving and Transporting Nail Polish and Helmers

The story about how I packed with me two Helmers filled with nail polish and moved to another country.

This is not the first time that I have moved with nail polish in my suitcase.
In 2012 I moved to England, then in 2014 to Spain and again in 2014 to Northern Ireland which is where I live now.

I don't have the biggest suitcase, it was a cheap one I found at a Factory Outlet for £ 25, and I bought two of those. My suitcase is however large enough to hold the sides of two Helmers, and about 7 drawers.

I have never broken a single bottle during transportation, and I have moved flying, driving, and by sea, so I have tried it all.

I made this post a while ago about the boxes that I used to store my polishes in, and that I also use for transportation. They have held up fantastically.

This is how it often starts when I move, I fill up all the boxes, and add some bubble wrapping and papers to the top before closing the lids.

Here is a more indepth look to the process of packing, that I made when I moved to Spain.

So now that we have covered how to pack all the babies, how about that Helmer?

I took the Helmer apart, and stacked the sides in my suitcase. I added some books to utilize all the space in the suitcase. Then I took off the front and the handles of all the drawers. I stacked and taped the fronts together, and stacked the drawers in each other. I managed to get 4 together at the most.

My epic Paint Skills will explain how this is done.

When this is all done, the suitcase looks like this:

How to move with Nail Polish

Close the suitcase, and you are ready to move.
All in all, I used two suitcases,  and one "carry-on" sized suitcase to move everything, on top of that I had a racksack filled with clothes and kitchen stuff. Now let me remind you that I got 450 nail polishes in those.

If you have any questions about moving with nail polish, feel free to ask me.
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