23 July 2013

Michelangelo the Architect

Often when people talk about Michelangelo, the talk about the painter and the sculptor, but we often forget that he did not just paint and sculpt, he was also an architect. A pretty darn good one at it as well. So when the girls at Llama Nails FB -group said we where having a challenge "Inspired by artists", and the first artist was Michelangelo, my thoughts went to the architecture he designed. This manicure is inspired by some of the buildings he designed. I'm still very new with acrylic paint so it didn't turn out exactly how I imagined it to, but we all learn by doing.

I started out with W7 - Silver Suede, used a "fan" brush and added some white acrylic paint, and painted the architecture in black acrylic paint with a "script liner" brush, and a "spotter" brush.

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  1. Very nice! Looks like those cool buildings! And holy crap, you're posting like a mad person this weekend!

    1. Just trying to catch up with some posts that was sitting in my "draft" folder and finishing them, like these challenges :)
      Also been having a swatch-atron with (almost) all my glitters.


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