22 July 2013

Lady in the Water

For this manicure I used W7 - Silver Suede and stamped using Collistar - Blu.
Loose glitter came from a Nail Art Stack pot I got from New Look, and Models Own - Dream Steam (clear polish) to add the glitter.
Stamping was done with the Cheeky Jumbo plate 8 - Princess Charming.

You might have seen this manicure in my PVA glue testing video on Youtube. 

The really awesome thing about stamping over suede polishes, at least the ones from W7, is that with a little bit of acetone / polish remover you can erase any stamping without ruining the base color. So if you stamp a patch bad, erase and stamp again. Another thing that I really like about these suede polishes is that they are basically one coaters, all of them.
If you use top coat on them, they loose the suede effect and becomes a very vibrant color with a silver tone to it.

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  1. Replies
    1. Only two more suedes from W7 to try now, and I have done the entire collection :)
      I still think that woman in the water looks creepy...

    2. ROFL! You made her look bee-yoo-tee-ful. :)


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