20 July 2013

For a Pound?

This is going to be one of those odd little posts of stuff I have gotten for a pound.  I live in the UK, for now at least. There are stuff from Poundland, other pound-stores or Primark.

It was a bargain. It really was.
There I was at Pound-land, in front of me is the nail art / random girl section. It has glitters all over the place, someone has smudged a lipstick all over the shelf. But in-between all the smudges and dirt I see something shiny.

Caviar Nailart -set from Allura

So ofcourse I had to pick them with me. I grabbed 3 packs with the Diamaté nail charms, in case I where to loose some, or give away. Good thing I did, cause by the time I got back home, I had lost one of them. 
Where did it go?
It could be number of places. The airport (where I dragged them out to look at them), at my friends house in Edinburgh, or in Bristol. No matter where it is, I am sure it will be taken good care of. 

Much later on I was on a trip to town, and decided to take a look at Primarks. This is what I found there. 

Nail wraps, nail file with different grits, and cotton pads.
 First thing I noted about this haul from Primark was the nail file. At closer inspection you see this [picture below]. The numbers are all off. For why would you buff your nails before filing them? That seems odd to me. I took it out of the packaging and inspected it closer. 6 - 5 are for filing, 1-2 are of softer grit almost leather-y and works for even it all out. I would never ever ever in the world use 2 for smoothing out nail surface, it tugs on the surface, so it still has some grit to it.
3-4 are leather-y, and works great for buffing, and shining.

 If we look away from the obvious number-error, this is a great file. I have used it a while, and it's a cheap option instead of diving in and buying more expensive ones. I used to have one like this ages ago, on one of my earlier attempts to stop nail biting from Sally's which was about £5 or something. I remember it was my entire weekly allowance, so it must have been around the £5 mark.

I also picked with me these nail wraps. I'm usually not into nail wraps, I have done a few attempts of applying and using some, but I had to take these with me cause they have a clear base. My other nail wraps have been more foil-like in finish with overall blinding shine and would wrinkle on the nails and never set one even. I can actually see myself get some use out of these. Those little rhinestones are sitting neatly on a line, and I have tugged a bit in them and it seems like they would apply even. Looking forward to try that.

My review and manicure with the wraps can be found here.

For another pound (£1.99) I got myself 500 ml of PVA glue. so  I will be testing out glue base for glitter manis. Really looking forward to that. Have you tried it? Which glitter where you the most happy for being able to wear without the hassle?

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  1. I can't wait to see the nail wraps - I have been tempted to buy them in my poundland! :)

    1. I shall get to it then. I don't got anything planned for Monday, so will do it then, and post a review and a manicure using them :)

  2. Can't wait to see what you do with them...:)


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