20 July 2013

Enchanting Fire

I recently swatched all of the NYC Foil Explosion Collection. I am now back with Enchanting Fire, and one of my new nail art items. Nail Charms. 
I picked them up at Poundland. 3 different types, 2 of ea, for only £1. Bargain. 

Like last time, I used 1 coat of Enchanting Fire, added topcoat. I really like this look. 
The Allura Nail Charms are completely flat on the back, and does therefor not have much contact with the nail itself. With some extra topcoat around the edges it will stick on the nail for a couple of hours, but don't expect it to hold if you brush your hand through your hair. 

So save them for a special occasions where it's okay if they only hold for a couple of hours, if you are careful they might hold a day. Best would be to use nail art glue for these. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below. What kind of dress would you wear for this, and what sort of event would it be?
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  1. I'm bummed that these don't stay on very long. I mean, that's to be expected with a flat back, but you'd think some nail company would come up with ones that have a more accommodating back on them...


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