17 July 2013

NYC Foil Explosion Collection Swatches

I recently bought the NYC Foil Explosion collection. Here it is, all swatched and ready. I bought this with my own money blah blah blah ...

The formula is smooth, the brush flares out easily. As all other foil polishes, it does lean on the streaky side.
I have used 1 coat on all swatches, on some of them I would recommend a second coat to even out the streaks, but that does not go for all of them.

They retail for £ 1.99 at Superdrugs, and are 3 for 2 currently. I had to get the collection at 2 different places, cause my area only had taken in 3 of the 5 colours.

First out is NYC - Pure Air
A rusty orange metallic colour.

Out of the entire collection this was the only one that I had heard was a wee bit tricky, as the formula was a tad more "watery" than the rest. I did not have any problems with it at all. As you will see from the pictures, this was the one that applied the least streaky of them all, for me.
This felt very elegant to me, I couldn't stop stretching my hands out, and looking at it. Its such a subtle orange, it's almost like wearing a nude color. Almost.

Next is Enchanting Fire.
A rose pink / pink toned red.

I'm usually not a lover of pinks, but this really hit me in the heart. Its gorgeous. I felt very pretty wearing this, and will definitely try this with a "diamond" rhinestones or something. Maybe a lady-like stamping image, I'm not sure what to do with it. What would you add to this polish for a full nail art look? Let me know in the comments below. This might actually be one of my favorites in this collection.

Next out is Power Of Elements.
Warm lavender shade with hints of pink.

Surprisingly enough this left me with a visible nail line on two of my nails. you could not see it until my nails where fully bathed in the sun, with indirect sunlight, it was not visible at all. Something to note, when using this again.  I feel like these foil polishes looks great with my skin-tone. I got a slightly hint of a tan, after my trip to Scotland, and these polishes seems to play very well with me, cause of that. How does this compare to Barry M - Lilac Foil? I will have to check that out on a later date.

Fourth out is Magic Earth.
Mossy green.

Such a gorgeous green, look at that. I really like this color. I wonder if these polishes stamps as well. I will do a test later in the week. Same as always just one coat in the swatch, the glided on well, without any problems. They don't smell much either, come to think of it. Of course if you stick your nose in the bottle it will smell, but thinking about fumes while polishes my nails, was barely even there. A think to note is that this did stain my skin a little bit when I removed it. It stains the skin with a blue colour, no idea where that is coming from, since this is a green polish, but, that's what it did. So be aware of that. I did not experience staining on the nails with any of these polishes, just the skin with this green one here.

Last out is Aqua Mystic
Oceanic blue

As the purple one this one also left me with visible nail lines. Only visible when my nails are bathed in sunlight, as it is on the last picture there. It's there, but not very obvious at it. Unless you got someone inspecting your nails this close, noone can tell. Great colour, very pretty oceanic blue.

If you didn't jump on the wagon last year when Essie had their mirror collection out, or where horrified by the price, these are a bargain. £ 1.99 for 9.7 ml / 0.33 fl.oz.

As far as I have been told...
NYC - Power Of Elements dupes with Essie - Nothing Else Metals
NYC - Aqua Mystic dupes with Essie - Blue Rhapsody

That was the entire collection. What do you think?

I think this is a strong collection, the colour selection was good, it gave me what I was looking for. I'm looking forward to use this more, and come up with interesting ways of incorporating this metallic look with subtle designs and prints.
Who knows, I might even dare using Pure Air for an animal print ...
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