18 July 2013

Mystic Dotticures

It's been incredible sunny lately, its insane. I would never guess that England could be this warm and toasty. It's like being in Florida. My hair goes all curly, I don't sleep as long as I usually do, cause its just too warm, too bright a light outside. I get about 4-5 hours before I'm up again. Then another hour middle of the day, when I'm outside working on my tan (I got an alarm waking me up after 30 min, to turn around, and do another 30 min)
I have decided to get a decent tan this year. Nothing over the top, but a little bit more than a base colour. Last year, my tan stuck on my skin for 6 months before it was gone (without added sun). I'm guessing that's what you get when you avoid sun for all cost when you are younger. At least I am conscious about the dangers of overexposure, and use sunscreen and stuff.
An hour outside a day has really done wonders for my skin though, not just with giving me some color. If you are a regular visitor you might also have noticed that my normally super dry hands are not so dry. I'm very pleased with that.

I'm back with a nail art using NYC - Aqua Mystic as a base colour. I wasn't quite sure what to do, so I opted for dotticures.

This looks so pretty. The sticker with three dots on the other nails. 

I feel like this was a bit too much. It would have worked without the sticker in my mind. Stick to one thing...

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