23 July 2013


I have a love for damask wallpapers. I have, ever since I was a young little girl wanted to have damask wallpaper on my walls. Never been able to have it as a wallpaper, but I used to own a pair of damask curtains. When I received the Cheeky Jumbo plates, I noticed that Jumbo plate 8 - Princess Charming has loads of damask kind-of patterns, and thus I decided to make a damask manicure. 

I wanted it to be quite an intricate design, and opted for an accent background with purple and silver. I really like how it all ended up looking and what I thought was a fail accent, turned out to be so beautiful. 

W7 - Mauve Suede is such a complex color, it ranges from deep deep purple, to a vibrant mauve in different lighting, the first picture is taken with indirect sunlight and it almost looks blue. 

The accent was done using W7 - Silver Suede and some striping take. I stamped with ESSIE - Little Brown Dress. 

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  1. Very pretty! My kind of colors and my kind of pattern!! :)

    1. Thank'o! Really falling in love with this mauve suede polish, Gorgeous!


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