22 July 2013

Nail Wraps from Primark Review

Last week I posted about some nail wraps I had bought at Primark for a pound. You can see my pound-haul here.  One of my readers; Jemma from London Varnish, asked me to try the nail wraps

Let's see if we can satisfy the curiosity.

I started my manicure using three coats of Models Own - Golden Green Beetle Juice. It has to be applied in thin coats, or it ends up pooling, and never dries. So allow it to dry well between each coat.

Then I took out the nail wraps. Diamond shaped silver rhinestones in clear polish. It comes in 10 different size  2 wraps ea. and is for toes as well as your finger tips. Looking at the sizes most people will find something that fits them, and unless you got three times longer nails than me, you should be able to do quite a few manicures with this set. If you do have three times longer nails then me, this set will work for one full manicure. Either way, its good value for the money.

The wraps comes on wax paper, and the wraps themselves are jelly consistence, easy to take of and stick back on. Since they are jelly consistence they can be stretched a little bit, enough so that there will be no wrinkling if you have curved nails etc. but be easy with them, if you tug to hard they will break. I had one that broke, but when all the pieces got on the nail you couldn't even see it. Cut the leftovers, and file of any edges. No topcoat needed.

Posing with my new Dorothy Perkins shoes 

Posing with my new Dorothy Perkins shoes.

To sum this up, I would say I am very pleased with this product, I had a better experience with these wraps, that with any other brand-wraps I have tried. I could have been down to the jelly base, as the others I have tried was stiffer. I had no problems with lifting on these, they stayed put for two days until I had to redo my manicure, and that was not because of chipping or anything, just because I can't stand having the same manicure on days on end. 

I will get some back-ups of these wraps. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

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    1. Thank you hun! It felt really strange to have something like this on my nails. Haven't done a stud manicure like this before. I loved posing with my shoes though, that was so much fun. :D

  2. Looks good! Love the colors and everything :-)


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