15 July 2015


A lovely couple that I have had the joy to befriend here in Northern Ireland, was having their wedding anniversary. To make it all special I invited them over to do her nails, while her husband played some boardgames with my boyfriend.
After cooking together a lovely meal, and a glass of wine, I took her with me to the spare room, aka The Nail Room. This is where the magic happens.

I filled up another glass, and showed her my collection.
She was curious to see holographics, having heard me rave about them in great lengths I am sure.
There is no doubt that she is a muggle in training, even before she met me. She is not entirely new to nail art either, having done some Super Mario nails after seeing a tutorial on Pinterest.
I am so happy we met.

Having looked at the different holographic nail polishes that I have, both scatter and linear, she choose Natural Collection - Stardust. Stardust is an anniversary polish from the line, and I was quick enough to snatch one before they were all gone.

It took 2 coats for full opacity, and she couldn't stop looking at her nails. We practiced on the posing with and without the bottle, and ended up with these pictures.
I see now that her hands should have been the other way around, to show off her ring.
Maybe next time.

Natural Collection - Stardust

Natural Collection - Stardust

Looking forward to our next Girly-Night already. 

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