3 February 2013

KIKO - Magnetic Nail Lacquer - 705 - Emerald Turquoise

M for Magnetic Nail Polish

I have recently been to Italia, Rome. And could not go there without picking up some KIKO nail polishes.

I have been looking at Magnetic Polishes for a while, but never really gotten into it. This time I decided to pick up a few colors, and a magnet and see if it was for me.

KIKO - Nail Art Magnet - 01 Stripes
KIKO - Magnetic Nail Lacquer - 705 - Emerald Turquoise

This was fun playing around with. I found out that thin layers did better. So I did first one thin layer, allowed it to dry a bit, and added another layer over. Then I held the magnet over for 20 sec. The package says to hold it over for atleast 7 sec, but I found them to be better after 20 sec. Index finger had the magnet over for 7 sec, the other nails had 20 sec.

First picture is taken in sunlight, the second is taken indoors with artificial lights.

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