3 November 2012

Twinpost: Boxing gloves

I am a bit late with today's twinpost with Mishka from Lacquer Or Leave Her. 
Cheeky Girl Challenge for this week is using CH 34 - Boxing gloves.
I am not much of a sports-fan, and Boxing is just too brutal to me. Its a display of testosterone and manly-ness, with all the blood and goo that comes with it.
So, I decided to go for a glitter, but not just any glitter. I found a Factory Outlet closeby that had W7s hidden in the back of a shelf. I picked up Lava Flow.

Lava Flow contains red, blue, and black round glitters, in a white base.

I then used BO Red (from Bornprettystore), and NYC - Bowery Black for stamping.
Bowery Black works really well for stamping, and I like the subtle glimmer in the black in this manicure.

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  1. Very nice, and I love that glitter. I agree, this was a hard plate to use! The next one is going to be, too...sigh...:P

  2. OMG, I just noticed you cut down all your nails!! You did it part way before, but now they're down completely!!

    1. They where starting to annoy me, being all uneven, and I knew the moving wouldnt be good on them, so I decided to cut them all down. But it was scary ...


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