18 January 2013

K is for Kit Kat

I am so trilled over how this manicure turned out. It will be sad to have to remove it.
I haven't done much freehand manicures since I started with this, but lately I have been drawn to my brushes and pencils, and nail art pens and stripers.

First I painted my nails two coats of Snow Me White - Sinful Color.
Then I went in with a medium pencil and Red Nail - H&M, and did a reverse writing. That means that I only left the gaps that would make the word, and not actually writing anything, just fill out the space around the word. I build it up slowly letter for letter. Tried to get them somewhat alike, and straight.
I allowed it to try for a while, and then when in again with Snow Me White - Sinful Color to correct any mistakes done with the letters. It's not perfect, but I did my best.

After being bent over my left hand for a good 2 hours, I decided to keep my right hand white with random lines of red on them. They remind me of candy, or a simple watermarble. It got some charm.

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  1. This is soooo cute!! You did an great job on the words. =) It makes me hungry for a Kit Kat!

    1. Thanks. It was very time consuming doing these, but the outcome is so cute :)


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