23 June 2016

My Online Shop - MJ JR31 - Stamping Plate

Today we are going to have a closer look at the My Online Shop - MJ JR31 Stamping Plate that I purchased earlier his year from Nail Artisan UK.

The plate can also be purchased from StoreEnvy for those of you not in the UK. 
I can personally vouch for Nail Artisan UK, as that is where I purchased this plate, and Alex who run the shop is a great lady. I have never purchased from StoreEnvy before.

If you love UK shows like Dr.Who, Sherlock Holmes, or even Harry Potter this is the plate for you.
In the video below I am pointing out some interesting images from this plate, and giving you some suggestions on how to use this plate for your next mani.

Overall I think it was a bit random that there was one image from Firefly on this plate among all the more British shows, that being said I absolutely LOVE Firefly and even though there is only one image here I am very happy with having it. I have been informed that there is also some Percy Jackson related images on this plate... but I have no idea which image that could be.

If you know, please give me a nudge.

Adding this plate to my collection meant that my plate holder that I purchased not that long ago to hold my overflow of stamping plates is full, and I will have to start looking for another one.

My Online Shop JR plates are the same size as my Moyou London, Bundlemonster, Petla and BPS XL plates. I am getting quite a selection of plates now, and looking forward to get cranking on more stamping plate reviews like this. 

What is your favourite stamping plate?
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