17 October 2015

Fun With Flag - A Blogger Collaboration

If you regularly hang out on the internet I am sure you have seen this post on 9gag, Facebook or even Pinterest lately. That within one flag, you can often find other flags.

That is what started this idea, and as I looked up from my screen in the office, I caught a glance of another rerun of Big Bang Theory on one of the large TVs we have here. This was one of the "Fun With Flag" episodes, where Dr.Sheldon Cooper talks about flag-history on the Youtube series he has.

...and the idea was created.

I reached out to a handful of bloggers asking if they wanted to join in on the fun. I was overwhelmed with the response, and so thrilled that they found the time to join in on this "Fun With Flag" collaboration.

That instead of doing flag manicures only for patriotic reasons, I wanted to do them united with other bloggers, as a sign of unity. We are all in this hobby together, and borders mean nothing.

I am from Norway, so there will be no surprise for many of you that I have chosen to write about the flag of my home country.

Prior to the 17th century Norway had a flag with a golden lion with crown and axe on a red background, but our union with Denmark would put an end to this flag. When Norway in 1814 became independent, the golden lion was brought back and put in the upper left corner (the canton) on the Danish flag.

Source: Wikipedia

But it was not going to last for long. Norway joined a union with Sweden and needed to change their flag. Out of respect to the Swedish union and the historical friendship with Denmark, the Parliament wanted the flag to represent this by having something blue, red and white in the flag.
After much back and forth for almost a 100 years the Norwegian flag as we know it today was accepted. 9th of June 1905 the Norwegian flag was raised.

Flag Manicures. Red, White and Blue

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Dina Ramse Training and Developement

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  1. So much history over what flag is used. :) Glad to have been a part of this :)

    1. I am so happy that you joined in. I love what you did with it.

  2. My husband's ancestors are from Norway (his mom's parents were from Bergen). :) I read the history to him and he didn't know that it had changed a few times other than the lion and the current flag. I love the french mani inspiration of the flag! Since the US flag is red, white & blue, I may have to try that during our independence day. :)

    1. ...and a rather bloody history as well. so much in fact that it is mentioned in one of our National Anthems. Red for the blood that is spilled...

      Red, white and blue is one of the most common colours together in flags, so I really like the versatility it gives when using those shades in a french mani. It could be US, Thailand, or even French with those colours.

  3. I liked the idea of this prompt and i've never know that the colours on the flags have meaning as well. I like your mani.

    1. In the Norwegian flag case it was to please and respect the country history, so I never thought about the colours have much meaning beyond that. It's so cool to learn where people are from and the history of the flag representing them.


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