11 April 2014

Golden Nails

I wanted to do some festive nails, Easter Week is almost here. I was struggling with coming up with something to do for a long long time. I got distracted over and over again. Reviews on Youtube, blogs, music, the list was endless on distractions today. The weather was fantastic as well.
I wasn't gonna let myself be beaten.

I decided on using some of the foils I bought at TGR in Norway while I was on my Christmas holiday.
I have already used one of them, and you can see that by clicking here, and here. 
The foil came in a set of 4 and it cost NOK 10 (£1). They don't require foil glue or anything, just a sticky surface. so polish your nails with the base colour you want, wait until it goes tacky and apply the foil. Easy as that.
For the record of all things foil. I used Gina Tricot Basecoat and Topcoat for this manicure, like last time.

This one was a bit tricky, since I had chosen a matte polish as my base colour. Matte polishes dries quicker than ordinary polishes, so the timing was very difficult. I gave it a couple of tries, and nailed it eventually. 

I used two coats of Revlon - Matte - 032 Emerald City, then applied the foil, and finished the look of with applying one coat of Models Own - Dancing Queen. 

I bought the whole collection ages ago, and I think I have only used one of them so far. Very sad, and I am a very bad blogger for it. They are SO pretty to look at, so can't give them away/sell, even though they are still in their protective plastic ... still..

Taken indoor

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