1 July 2015

Fashion Statement Nails

Every morning I go past a wallpaper shop on my way to work. Sometimes I am inspired by the new strips of wallpaper in the window, and I try to recreate the look on my nails.
This is what I did today.

For this manicure I used two coats of Barry M - Matte - Copa Cabana. I left the middle finger bare, so you can see the base color in all its vibrant glory.
As far as mattes go, this one is insane! It's all coral-y red epikness.

I found the perfect stamping image on the Moyou London - Fashionista - 08, and used Barry M - Gelly - Cardamom for that.

Barry M - Matte - Copa Cabana, stamped with Moyou London - Fashionista - 08 using Barry M - Gelly . Cardamom.

I really love how this turned out, and to me, it looks very High Fashion.

You might have noticed that I have shown a lot of Barry M polishes on my blog lately, and if you are in the US, might have been a bit frustrated that you can't get your hands on these.
Now that my new system is up, I have discovered that a large part of my polishes where in fact untrieds (!), and I have really wanted to use more of them, and not just horde them, ya know.

Barry M happen to be the brand that I had the most untrieds from, so I started there.

I am fast approaching my 400 post (!) it is kinda scary, and also very exciting, as I have blogged on here for 3 years now, and my goal when I started was to do 100 posts a year.
You can say I definitely managed to do that!

Until next time!
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