1 July 2012

MSMD - Dazzle Shine

Hi, girls, its time for some Monkey See, Monkey Do!
This time I`m copying something "I`m Feeling Nail Venturous" did. 
Look at it, isnt it really pretty?!

Yesterday I got my Innisfree polishes as you can see in this post. And I thought it would be perfect to use for this. So, without further ado, here it is.

So I started out with 2 coats with Savina - Dazzle, and finished with 1 coat of Innisfree - 81. Sorry for the pictures being somewhat blurry, my camera is having trouble picking up the neon.

I`m thinking about getting a new camera soon.. 

We are going to give our office a makeover, so we wont be using it for a month, and I got to take the company camera with me home. !!! * squeal*

Look at this!

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  1. It looks great!!!! I'm so glad you liked it!!!! It is crazy how a coat of a jelly polish on top can change the look of the glitter so much!!!!

    1. I loved it!! I totally squealed like a little girl when I read that you liked what I had done with your design.


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