25 July 2012

FNUG Love Chic - gradient

Hi everyone. So I just got 6 polishes from FNUG, I won them on their FB.  (<- FNUG FB page)
I did this mani using sponge. Mostly, cause I had so much fun doing the "Honey"-mani, and the colours that I picked looked like they where made for gradient.

So lets take a look, shall we?

FNUG - Love Chic
There we have our base colour.
Then I picked up a tiny piece of a make-up sponge, and took Clogs, and dabbed it over Love Chic, halfway up. It dried really fast, so when I was done with all ten fingers I could just go ahead and sponge with Runaway. I used Runaway only on the tip, to make a sharp finish. 
While I was working it was hard to tell where the colors started and ended, but as soon as the topcoat came one, it was like magic. Made them all pop.

And this was the finishing result.

I felt like it was a bit to bright, in the sense that its hard to see whats going on and wanted to see how it worked with Rimmel Matte.
Kinda cool, actually. I can totally see myself wearing these shades alone with a MATTE topcoat.
Great for fall, and it has been feeling like fall around here lately, so I just love this.

Here you see the three shades I used for this mani.
What do you think?

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    1. Wait till you see the rest. They have this lovely dusty blue shade. I think I will pair it with Runaway with stamping, and a funky french.


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