27 July 2012

Make Up Store - Vanja

As you saw in my latest haul post, I purchased two Make Up Store - polishes.
And I have a swatch for you.

I bought this cause I love purples, and I don't have that many shades of purple. Before this one, I had Lilacism from ESSIE, which is a pastel, and Lilac Lace from MaxFactor, that I have worn a lot. As you understand, I was in dire need of more. 

This shade is killing me with awesomeness. 
Vanja is a deep purple with red undertones. In some light-settings it looks like there is some blue in this as well. 

I snatched it at sale 40% off, in a store, but you can get them online, over here. <- link to online store.
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  1. Looks like a dupe of Gasoline by GOSH. It's a nice colour though! How's the formula? Gasoline is a jelly and it's opacity demands that you do several layers unless you want that see-through look.

    1. This is one coat, and no VNL, but I have heard others suggest the use of two coats for full opacity.

    2. That's pretty awesome! Seems like they looked at Gasoline and thought "Hm, we can improve this". I know a lot of people like the see-through look, and Gasoline is awesome layered over other polishes, but alone, Vanja seems like a much more attractive choice! Thanks for sharing! ^_^


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