29 July 2012

Savina - Coral meets Melina - Make Up Store

Good evening ladies.

As you might have noticed, I have made a site on this page, called Sharing is Caring , it contains a form you can fill out if you, come across/ make some beautiful manicures you want to show me. (EDIT: Deleted)

Today I thought I should show you some coral-love. It finally stopped raining all the time today, and I suddenly found myself in some need of some summer on my nails.
I bought Melina a few days ago from Make Up Store, and felt like that was just the colour i needed.
Lets take a look at it.

So the question is, can it be build to full opacity?
Lets test that out.
I started out painting almost all my nails with Savina - Coral, but my ringfinger. Not the smartes move, consider the image. Uncool. Very uncool. Sorry about that.
Savina - Coral is a very nice color, great formula, and this is two coats, so it covers well.

Then I started building Melina on the ringfinger, coat by coat. The rest if the fingers all got one coat of Melina.

At this stage the ringfinger now has 6, (!!) coats of Melina. So if you where wondering... Dont bother, find another coral shade or orange to put under it, its not worth the time. Melina has long dry time, and the more coats, the longer it took.
Even with fast drying topcoat it was long drying time. So stick to one coat over another polish.

But its stunning over the coral. I really like this polish.
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