23 July 2012

Summer Challenge - Red, Orange, Yellow

Today's challenge, wanted us to use, the colours; red, orange, and yellow.
Wasn't hard to pick shades today, that's for sure. Specially since I only have two yellow (and one is a neon), and one orange, and four reds.

I wanted to have a matte background for this, but the Rimmel Matte, hardly did anything over my Matte Red, and Lemon Tree. Could it be the formula?


For this mani, I painted the nail orange, using H&M - Lemon Tree, then I cut a tiny piece of make-up sponge and used it to apply Matte Red, to the tips.  Lets take a look at that step:

Then I allowed it to dry for a while. I grabbed BM plate - 313, and stamped using H&M - Yellow. Its great for stamping, all the H&M polishes I have tried are ( minis and those with the black cap, special editions, sux at stamping). Can you guess what I was trying to do here?

It`s a beehive with honey!
Or is it just me that can see it?

With Northern Lights holo topcoat

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