2 July 2012

Aegean Tides in black

Hi Girls!
A late post from me here, but  I freaking LOVE this mani. It started out with my wanting to try out some nail foils I got a huge pile of them when I ordered from DollarNailArt.  (blog post about it in the first link).

When I did the Olympic nailart I used one of my striping brushes for the first time, and I felt like I was getting hang of it. So, I got braver, and attempted to use foils as well. I really wanted it to work out, and decided to just to two nails on each hand. And Oh My (!!), It made me so happy.

I figured out how to work with the foils in the end, and picked up my striper brush.

Enough blah blah from me now, you get it... I am so happy I tried.

I`m still trying to learn how to use the fancy-snacy camera from my job, to take pictures of my nails. So I took some pictures using different backgrounds here. The last picture is taken in-front of a painting that my best-friend gave me, I love it.
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