18 July 2012

New Storage for my Collection

So I haven't blogged in a few days. My boyfriend and I, are building a better workspace / room for all my polishes. YaY. I love him for embracing my love for polishes, and for suggesting we did this together.

And may I say.. my YSL -Bleu Majorelle -mani held during all the building. Not a single chip. Proving that it might actually be worth the hefty pricetag.

We bought Ikea Billy shelves, and altered them a bit to fit over a Läck table, with extra Vika Adil legs on one side, and Vika shelves in the other, and Vika Alex drawer in the middle, to support the table.

So, I know you must be dying to see.
From simply storing everything in shoeboxes, to this.

Yeah, thats my FB-page you see on my screen there.

So organized, and neat.

Box with foils, and foil-glue.

Topcoats, and basecoats, and some white polish in the back.

My stripers, they kinds tipped when I dragged the box out, so I`ll see if I can find something better to do there.

My box of lotions. 

My drawer. Love the 8 bit-hearts, so retro.

My nail sticker album.

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  1. Omg I love it! I wish I had a specific "nail area" I am so jealous :P x

  2. Interesting to see. What a good idea to make a nail sticker album!

    1. Really makes it easier to see what stickers to use. Going to make one for my stamping plates as well.


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