3 July 2012

Summer Challenge Independence Day

I happend to have the right  Konad - stamp for this themed mani. The M14.
I wanted to do it cool, but still not having to redo all the nails. So this is my first "recycling mani", I kept the 3 black nails from last night, and painted the two others in white.

So for this mani, I used ESSIE - Licorice, Sinful Color - Snow Me White. I stamped using two images from the M14 konad plate, using H&M - Red Nail, ESSIE - Little Brown Dress ( U.S.A ), and IsaDora - 626 Blue Sky. I could of used a darker blue, but I didn't have a blue that matched.

So I'm still trying to get used to the new camera that I`m borrowing. I swapped the lens, and I am now using a Canon lens, instead of the Sigma lens, that we use when we take pictures of houses. ¨

Don`t mind the paper-cut on my finger, there...

So lets see what we got.

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  1. I have to say I love this mani!

    Your pictures are looking much clearer :) x

    1. Thank you.
      Been trying out a lot with the new camera, and I think I have figured out how to use it.
      I think I have to get some makeup out, next time I'm taking pictures of my hand, and hide those paper-cuts. Its not pretty..


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