14 July 2012

Summer Challenge - Bastille Day

Bonne fête nationale!

When I heard we where doing a Bastille Day - mani for the Summer Challenge, I knew I had to, somehow, incorporate something french, and not just the flag, like I did for the 4th of July - mani. I don't have "french" stamps either, so it had to be free-hand.

Lets take a look.

I started out painting my nails in Blue, White, and Red, like the French Flag.  I was really hoping that LA Color, would be the right shade of blue, but by the look of it, it`s a miss.

Then I took out my new stripers, and went from simple nail art, to crazy. Even my bf approved of it, to be some of my best work.

Taken in the sunset. Ye,bright.

Its Bastille! Formally know and Bastille Saint-Antoine.
For Bastille Day, I have painted a "bastille" (fortress), named Bastille Saint-Antoine.

I`m so funny...

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Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.


  1. Cute Idea, I love it. You did a great job :)

    1. Thanks Katie! Are you doing a Bastille Day -mani today?

  2. Great artwork....very cute!!


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