31 July 2012

A England - Two for French

Today I was to show you a manicure I tested out.
I am sure you have heard of Saran Wrap Nail Art. I wanted to give it a go, and decided to use Tristam, and Morgan Le Fay from A England.

I started out with one coat of Morgan Le Fay, its a milky white holo, comes on very sheer. I left it dry for a while and added another coat. I don't have picture of this step, sadly.

I grabbed some plastic wrapping, and added some Tristam. And french tips in Tristam.
This is my first attempt on this, but I think the finishing result was very good, even thou its very sheer.

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  1. gorgeous! i like how this turned out!

    1. Thanks! Will definitely try saran wrap again. Have you ever tried it?


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