23 July 2012

Max Factor - Sunny Pink

Hi, everyone!
I`m finally back, from my trip to my father. My father is sick, and that's why he has gone Vegan, as I told you in the Oh My, Vegan Polish -post. It makes him feel better, and I cant remember seeing him so up-and-going, since I was a young girl, and then only for a few hours. Now he has energy all the time. Makes a daughter very happy.

Did`nt you just LOVE Missy`s Mani (link to her blog) on Saturday? She is so good! It was so nice of her to do a guest post, while I was away.

NOTD is a shimmer-y pink, and very fitting, its called Sunny Pink.
It has golden shimmer in it, which I like. 
The only thing I`m not the greatest fan of, is that you need really thin layers of this, to build it. If you don't do thin layers it will become streaky. And no one likes that. You can see that on my ringfinger. One of the coats was a bit to thick, and you can clearly see that its streaky. 

I think I bought this shade a bit to late in the year. Golden pinks are great for spring and summer, but its been raining here non-stop for the last three weeks, making it look like fall. I have brought out my fall-shades. So you might be seeing a lot more darker manis from now on.

I did four coats here, I could have done easily five or six coats, like I had to do with my other Max Factor mini; Emerald. Think this would be good for layering over another polish? 

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  1. I'm glad you liked my post! That polishes is beautiful! Why do I not own it yet?! x

    1. I know right (?!), I was wondering the same when I saw it. I was sitting next to the new Max Factor stand with fall shades, and I was baffled that I hadn't seen it before.


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