24 July 2012

Nail Mail, and a Haul

Hello everyone!
Today I have something fun to show you all, its picture heavy, but its a Nail Mail, and Haul -  post.

Lets start with the Haul!

This is Melina and Vanja from Make Up Store. So pretty... I just love that purple.  Lets take a closer look at both of them. First up is Vanja.

 Such a beauty. I Love purple.
Lets take a closer look at Melina.

Shimmery polish. Thats two coats on the swatching wheel there.

Right next to Make Up Store, I found Lush! I was in need of stocking up more Lemon Flutter, before the winter cold is coming. I am still wearing my red, orange, yellow mani, from the summer challenge, and the girl that worked at Lush, Loved them. From now on, they are going to be called Honey-nails.

After I had been shopping, I went to meet a girl that is selling some of her polishes. I have done so before, but she had found more polishes she wanted to get rid of. Lucky me!

These are my first Misa polishes. Here we have:
178 Forbidden Lust
180 Fatal Affair
 171 A Sin Worth Committing

Last but not least. Here is my third Zoya. This is Jo Its a pearl finished light blue. So pretty...

 That was the Haul, now lets get over to some Nail Mail.
I bought all of this from NailSupplies.us. Shipping anything but flate rate is insanity, especially when ordering to Norway. So I didn't order as much as I would of liked. For flate rate, they have a max of 9 bottles, but when taxes hit in at everything over 200 NOK / 32 USD / 21 GBP (with todays currency), its tight.

 This is what I bought.

I have been wanting Exotic Encounters since I saw the first swatch of it. And finally its here! YaY.
And look, I got Northern Lights (*sqeel*), and China Glaze - Luxe and Lush (!!), and my first Color Club polish, Alter Ego.
Lets take a look at some bottleshots.

I am really looking forward to try this one out.
Next up is Alter Ego- Color Club.
At the website it looked dark and grey/black- ish, but look at this!

Next is Exotic Encounters. Ever seen I saw the first swatches of the Safari - collection, I knew I had to have this babe. I dont really care for the rest of the collection, this I NEEDED. *giggles*

Woohoo! This polish was the only reason why I choose Nailsupplies. Finally, I have it.

And there was more in my mail today. Another package.

Pretty cool, right?

And that was the end of that fun. Be sure to check in tomorrow, for a new post. Hubby is getting visitors over, so I will have my nail corner for myself, and I have some ideas on what do to.

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