9 December 2015

Guest Nails: Shattered Glass

I received this product of my own choosing, free of charge for my honest, non-bias review from the Born Pretty Store.

This is the third installation of Guestnails! Sam is such a patience soul, and has allowed me to do her nails again. Last time I did her nails we attempted at pond manicure, and made some decals with a Bundlemonster stamping plate.
I stated in the last post, that we wouldn't do something as elaborate next time. Oh, how wrong I was.

It might have taken almost an hour all in all, which is a lot less than the koi fish pond design took, but it did my head in.

Shattered Glass Nails

We started out with a coat of black polish (Wet n Wild - Black Creme) on all the nails, while that was drying I cut up the foil to the width of her nails and then into shards. I did it this way because I wanted it to look more like actual shattered glass, instead of just shards of reflective paper on some nails.
This way when I added them to the nails, it would leave a thin stripe of black showing between the "glass". Neat and tidy, like the OCD person I can be.

That was more difficult that I imagined.

It looked amazing for a little while, then the shards started poking out of the several layers of topcoat, and by the morning after, at least one shard was missing on each nail.
Think If I do this again, I will try it would with a Gel-like topcoat instead...

If you want to try your hands on some Shattered Glass look, you can get the  Shiny Laser Foils at BornPrettyStore for  $6.08. By applying my code RAMG10 you get 10% off all full priced items.
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Remember that it can get really busy around the holidays, so if you send an order out now, it will most likely not make it in time for Christmas, but rather arrive on the other side of New Years Eve.
It can take about a month before my orders arrive, and I am in the UK.

Shattered Glass Nails

What is your experience with Shattered Glass manicures?

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I received this product of my own choosing, free of charge for my honest, non-bias review from the Born Pretty Store.
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  1. I think this looks amazing, but seems like such a, erm, inconvenience (to be kind and not say PITA :)). Well done you!

    1. Just like broken glass on the floor, this was a huge pain.
      It looks fantastic, but I don't think I will be revisiting this design again...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you darling. So kind of you to say.
      No more Shattered Nails for me now. :P


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