21 March 2014

IsaDora Sugar Crush - 108 Wine Crush

I am on a roll on these sugar crush/coat polishes now a days.
Today I bring you Wine Crush by IsaDora. It's purple, pink, brown and golden, it's shiny and sooo pretty!

I  am so glad it's almost weekend, it feels like this week as been going on forever. Luckily, next week is going to be busy busy busy. I got a photoshoot booked, and it's been a year or so since I last did some modeling, so it's great to be back to doing that again. I am also meeting up with some cool people that is going to show me the town I now live in. Time to learn where all the good shops are, where to go dust-hunting for polishes etc.

Back to the world of polishes, here is Wine Crush:

Isadora Wine Crush - blurred picture to show all the colours. 

Isadora Wine Crush in direct sun

Isadora Wine Crush in the shade (indirect sun)

 Isadora is a Scandinavian brand, the polishes costs between NOK 69 to 95 (about £7 - 10).
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  1. This is really gorgeous! I have a Dance Legend one that looks a lot like this, I wonder how close they are. I need to pull it out so I can see...


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