26 September 2015

A England - Dragon

One of my favorite brands of polish in the indie world is A England. So as we are getting closer to the end of September here, I wanted to make sure that atleast one of them was featured during this month of indie-polish-focus. 

This is one of my newer A England purchases, and I have seen a couple more that I want from the brand, that will be my Christmas present to myself.

The polish I wanted to show you today is A England - Dragon.
At the time of writing this post, A England - Dragon is currently out of stock. 

This mossy green nail polish is absolutely amazing.  So rich in colour, it could be applied in just one coat. I choose to use two just to be on the safe side.  

They also work for stamping. So you know.

A England - Dragon

A England  does not ship outside of UK, but you can still get your hands on these polishes, as there are several distributors that can help you out.

I have been wearing this polish for a week now, and it's a bit sad to take it off and use something else. I am sure you will love the next polish I got to show you. Maybe even just as much as this one.
That is, if you are a green-lover like myself.

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  1. Gorgeous colour! I really need to try A England

  2. A England is becoming one of my favs, a bunch of them are one coaters.

    1. I really love them. Counted 10 in my drawer! :D


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