2 April 2014

Tri-polish colour blocking

Let's rock


For this manicure I used three polishes: Essie - Navigate Her, Essie - Mojito Madness (this was my go-to polish last summer), and China Glaze - Exotic Encounters. For the accent I used both a green and a black striper, rest of them only has the black striper. The original has a matte surface, but I decided to stay bright and happy with this.

I was inspired to do this after seeing a picture of a manicure featured in Teen Vogue, made by Madeline Poole from mpnails.com. See original post here

Back to my creation.

First I applied Essie - Navigate Her, to cover completely it took two coats.

Essie - Navigate Her

I then added tape on the lower half of the nail and used China Glaze - Exotic Encounter on the top part. 
The weather has not been the best for taking pictures, but I did my best with these. 

For the third step I took a large dotting tool, and added Essie - Mojito Madness on one side. Lastly I made an accent on the ring finger using an emerald green striping polish, and "framed" Essie - Mojito Madness, and then "framed" that again using a black striper. For the rest of the nails I only "framed" using the black striper.

Taken the day after. 

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