1 December 2015

Very Berry Christmas

This year I decided to do things a little different than previous years. As I finally have a nail station, and a dedicated room to nail art and crafts, I wanted to bring you a bunch of nail arts for the holidays. To see all the posts gathered check out this link, whenever I post a new look it will be added to this link. So I am aiming at having one new look every single day in December all the way until the 25th of December. After that I think we are all ready for New Years.
Some of the looks will be festive, some will be jolly, but I promise you there will be nail art
..and maybe even a tutorial or two (?), who knows.

I started it all with my Merry Christmas -look.

Today it all started out with 2 coats of Barry M - Berry Cosmo (I think you are all familiar with that polish by now), then a quick coat of Maybelline - 230 - Undress to Impress from the "Stripped Nudes" collection.

For those of you attending Christmas dinners with the office, I would highly advise against following this tip from Maybelline. Undressing will not impress your new bosses. Keep the clothes on, and remember to have fun.

Barry M - Berry Cosmo topped with Maybelline - 230 - Undress to Impress

Then I grabbed my holiday stamping plate, Cheeky - Jumbo plate 6 - Happy Holidays. For full review of this plate, check out this link

For other manicures using this plate, check out this link here. 

I stamped using Sinful Color - Snow Me White.

Barry M - Berry Cosmo topped with a coat of Maybelline - Undress to Impress, and stamped using Sinful Color - Snow Me White with Cheeky - Jumbo plate 6 - Happy Holidays

I hope you liked this Berry Christmas look, tomorrow I am going green. How green? Well you will just have to wait and see.
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  1. This looks so good!

    Posting everyday will be a lot of work, hope it goes alright :)

    1. Thank you!
      I have so many cool things that are lined up already, so very excited about it.

  2. I love the base color and the stamping. :)

    1. The White against the Berry shade does make it look very classic to me.
      Still not so sure about the glitter thou, it's hard incorporating glitters in these looks. You do it so much better.

  3. I need to check that stamping plate because I really like the pattern you used!

    1. If you check in on the blog a little later today I have another look using this plate :)
      I think the Happy Holidays plate from Cheeky is one that I use the most from the brand

  4. Wow your nails look so lovely, I like this manicure thanks for sharing!!


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